Bovada Poker Rigging Allegations

bovada poker rigged

Bovada Poker Rigging Allegations

For the past few months there has been a lot of talk about the latest bovada poker rigging allegations. Many have claimed that bovada poker has changed from what it used to be, and that the type of games you can play are limited to games where the house always wins. If this is true then how come people still play bovada poker and are enjoying it?

Bovada poker rigging charges have gone beyond mere accusations and have in fact been accepted by bovada poker sites. There have been times when bovada poker players on social media websites have been ridiculed for showing an interest in forums on bovada poker rigging.

While some say that bovada games are rigged, this has been vehemently denied by bovada poker pros and their lawyer. No bovada poker site, as of yet, has claimed to be involved in any bovada poker rigging scheme.

Some of the bovada chat rooms you find on bovada sites are not moderated by bovada staff members and as such do not have bovada’s stringent anti-spam policies in place. As such, any action to be taken against players in these chat rooms should be done through bovada poker site owners.

The bovada poker site admins are not aware of any allegations against them. They are also unaware of the bovada poker rigging allegations.

In comparison to casino games online, bovada poker rigging allegations are so far-fetched and ridiculous. There is no way that a cash game at bovada could be rigged. When a player posts a bovada poker rigged accusation, it must have to do with the current winning hand of a single player that no longer plays.

This is a serious offense that can lead to the banning of a bovada poker pro account. If this is indeed happening, then it would be great if the bovada management is up to the task of solving the problem. The management does know how many times bovada poker sites were busted for rigging games, and what type of action was taken, but unfortunately they did not think to send people down to the bovada headquarters for scrutiny of the rigging claims.

It appears that bovada does have the necessary investigative prowess to check its own games for rigging and other violations of the rules. Whether the bovada management or the bovada poker site admins will ever take the trouble to send investigators down to the bovada headquarters is anybody’s guess. The bovada staff is extremely busy with the growing popularity of bovada poker and does not have the time to monitor every game.